The Coast Post is the artistic expression of Melbourne based commercial photographer and art director, Les Hallack. It offers a unique photographic perspective of the Australian coastline and gives other coast lovers the opportunity to take a piece of the ocean home with them to admire every day. 

Les grew up on the southern beaches of Sydney and surfing has always been a big part of his life. Since moving to Melbourne in 2008, his coastal expeditions became much less frequent, however his passion for the coast has grown stronger, and evolved into something much more than just chasing waves.

Swapping the board for the lens (most days), Les now captures unique and striking images of the Australian shoreline from the land, air and sea, and offers a different perspective for others to enjoy.

The sea holds a special place in all our hearts and minds, and it is Les' vision to share his experiences with you so that we can all connect with the ocean in our daily lives.