The Coast Post


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(Limited Edition Metallic Print)

Location: The Whitsundays, QLD
Image Ref: V0A4163

Shot from helicopter, high above the striking seascape of Queensland's Hill Inlet on The Whitsunday coast. 

This series explores the concept of perpetual change and the distortion of one's self as a result of external factors. 

Like the movement of each grain of sand with the ebb and flow of the tides, our thoughts and perceptions are in a constant state of metamorphosis, shaping us into version of ourselves, sometime unrecognisable after years of constant flux.

All frames are custom made to order and impeccably finished to the highest standard. We use non-reflective, UV resistant glass* to ensure your print will stand the test of time and retain its vibrance for many years to come. Custom finishes are available upon request.


Print size: 1137 x 756mm    Final framed size: 1385 x 1021mm
Print size: 770 x 512mm    Final framed size: 1169 x 924mm
Print size: 557 x 370mm    Final framed size: 684 x 509mm
Print size: 387 x 253mm    Final framed size: 514 x 387mm


SQUARE - Print size: 560 x 560mm    Final framed size: 862 x 862mm
PANO - Print size: 1200 x 400mm    Final framed size: 1443 x 647mm


*Perspex is used for international orders.

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